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Images of Job Benefits Explained

The Details Behind Trump's Deal With Carrier Revealed
In light of today's visit by President-elect Trump to Indiana to take credit for saving some 1,100 Carrier jobs from being offshored to Mexico, a recurring question is what was the Trump quid to Carrier's pro quo to get the deal done. As reported yesterday , Carrier did issue a press release, perhaps to confirm that it hadn't merely caved to Trump team pressure, when it said that " the … Read News

Images of Job Benefits Explained

Local Businesses Raise Wages To Attract Student Employees
In a competitive hiring market, many businesses in Blacksburg have been increasing their wages in order to interest prospective employees. Numerous businesses have been trying to increase their staff since the beginning of summer to no avail. Owners say they are unable to compete with the convenience and benefits of working on campus for Virginia Tech. … Read News

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